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Homewinner PdG 2022

Success with colltex

Interview with Werner Marti – the 2022 PdG Winner

Congratulations, Werner, on winning the 2022 PdG. Together with Rémi Bonnet and Martin Anthamatten, you made it from Zermatt to Verbier in a mere 6:35:36. What was the biggest challenge on this route?
Werner: The hardest part was surely all those kilometres on foot. Especially the descent to Arolla. Later, the energy lost there was sorely missed for the climb to Riedmatten. Another big challenge was the pacing, the evaluation of risk on the descents. Knowing how fast to go without taking unnecessary risks.

Unlike 2018, you were able get ahead of the team of Michele Boscacci, Matteo Eydallin, and Davide Magnini. What do you think made the difference this year?
Werner: The difficult conditions proved to be an advantage for us. We knew that our two teams were similarly strong and that, ultimately, the details would make the difference. That’s why we inspected the route in all its particulars, prepared our equipment to fit the conditions and thoroughly practiced all the changes. But above all, it was the team spirit and our fans that got us to the finish line.

In a ski-mountaineering competition, the skins are an important element. They have to be able to glide smoothly and still grip well. Which Colltex skins did you use?
Werner: Up to Arolla, the “Vreneli”, the Colltex innovation. These new ski skins glide and climb perfectly on frozen spring snow. For the second part, I used Colltex Race skins because they glide and grip well in all conditions.

If one of our readers should want to participate in the 2024 PdG, what would be your 3 most important tips?
Werner: 1. The patrol should be united – and on the starting line, all three atheletes should be in the same frame of mind. 2. The equipment should be well prepared to save time and energy. 3. You should be physically well prepared, no matter your personal goal. For even more fun!

How does an athlete such as you train in summer?
Werner: Right now, I do a lot of cross-training on foot and on the bike. In August, I shall add more intensive sessions and participate in some trail-running competitions. Weight training is also part of my regular training schedule.

At the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo, ski-mountaineering will be an Olympic discipline for the first time. Is this a long-term goal of yours?
Werner: For professional athletes in all sports disciplines, the Olympics are the biggest thing ever. However, it is not a specific long-term goal of mine. I'm still highly motivated at the moment, but I shall take it season by season. It's difficult to speculate now how things will develop in the future. The few starting places of the top national teams don't make things easy either.

When and where will your 2022/2023 competition season start?
Werner: The 2022/2023 World Cup calendar has just been published. We shall start the season earlier than usual and the first World Cup will already be held in November. My goals for the season are the World Championships in Spain – where I have already won 3 gold medals this year at the European Championships. The ultimate goal is the Trofeo Mezzalama, the eqiuvalent of the PdG. Victory has been close twice before and, therefore, I still have a score to settle ;-)

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