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Colltex cross-country skins

Choose the right ski skin to ensure optimum performance

More and more cross-country skiers adopting the classic cross-country style rely on skis with ski skins as the construction of skis has improved and their handling is easy. By using a suitable cross-country skin, you will enjoy better climbing and gliding characteristics. To enjoy skiing to the full – depending on your technical ability or the topography of the trail. **The «ALLROUND with its 65% mohair and 35% polyamide in blue» offers a superb grip and good gliding properties.** In case of hard, icy conditions but also in wet snow, this skin shows its special properties. It is suitable for skiers who appreciate a good grip or for steep cross-country loipes. **The «BEST GLIDE with its 100% mohair in anthracite» says it all.** It glides perfectly and simply loves cold and dry snow. It is suitable for skiers who want maximum glide characteristics and prefer to make some concessions when climbing. Changing this ski skin is easy. Remove the skin on your skies, stick it to the paper provided, dry the milled part, adhere the new skin from tip to tail, press down well and wax before skiing. **Have fun on the trail!**
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